Museum Quality Chirostenotes Manus Claw

Here is an superb Chirostenotes manus claw from the world famous Hell Creek Formation in Montana. This claw measures 2.635 inches along the curve and 2.30 inches straight line measurement! It was found in one piece with no restoration required what-so-ever! This specimen was found on Private Property with the Owner's permission. Large, high grade Chirostenotes manus claws are extremely difficult to come by, and this specimen would make an excellent addition to any Museum or Private collection!



Buyer Alert! It appears that over the past several years or so a large number of fake hell creek dinosaur "claws" have entered the fossil market. These Fake claws appear to have been carved (in all sizes and shapes) from REAL dinosaur long bone. Unfortunately, these fakes have fooled quite a few people. The grain of dinosaur long bone is typically quite straight, while, in our experience, the grain of curved REAL dinosaur claws (see photos above) closely follows the curve of the claw! Caveat Emptor! All of our Fossils are Unconditionally Guaranteed Authentic.



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