Edo era (17th Century) Katana by Jumyo

(Signed: Kawachi-no-kami Fujiwara Jumyo)



Edo Era Katana by Jumyo

This elegant Katana comes with an NTHK paper attesting to its authenticity and quality.

Early of Edo period (kanbun era/circa A.D.1661) Mino
Length of cutting edge 69.9cm Curve 1.0cm Thickness of base 7.7mm Width of base 29.5mm Width of Yokote 20.6mm

Sugata (configuration) : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba is average and there is shallow curve leading to a middle tip. The blade is massive and rich in hiraniku.

Kitae (forging pattern) : Kitae-hada is well-kneaded Itame-hada (wooden grain) and the swelling masame hada pattern is mixing in.

Hamon (tempering pattern) : Hamon is wide suguha (straight) temper line. There is an activity of ASHI feet toward the cutting edge and YOU dots appear in the interior of temper.There are some marks of Muneyaki (temper areas along the back ridge here and there around monouchi upper part).

Boshi (tip): The temper of the tip is small circle turn back and there is brushing activity(HAKIKAKE) in the tip.

Nakago (tang) : Unaltered (UBU) and one original peg retaining hole. Filemark is horizontal (Kiri). The signature in hakiomite is seven long and large character that starts with title [Kawachi-no-kami] and famed family name [Fujiwara] and smith name [Jumyo]. Nice old patina and remains clear marks from the original chisel.

Jyumyo school in Shinto era on after Momoyama period lived in Shimizu, Mino province, such as Tangonokami, the subject smith Kawachinokami, Minonokami and Kouzukenokami. Many of them had moved to Owari province and exclusively worked for Owari Tokugawa Samurais. Among Jyumyo smiths, the subject Kawachi-no-kami Jyumyo had then moved to Bungo and served for Oka-han exclusively, his real name is Wakahara Magoshirou. The workmanship of this heroic katana is simple and sturdy possibly to meet with brave Owari Samurai.

The size of tang is neat which met with durable hilt and the upper cutting edge is rich and massive in hiraniku. The entire blade is original condition and in good health.
A old copper habaki, set in Shira Saya plain wood mounting.

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