B-26 Marauder Propeller For Sale

Here is a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of aviation history. We are offering an authentic WWII B-26 Martin Marauder propeller blade. The Marauder was a twin engined bomber used extensively in the European and north African theaters of operation. This propeller blade is nearly 60 years old, but it has been refurbished through a lot of hard work and now looks like new! This blade has been well sanded and then powder coated with a durable flat black powder coating which was baked on at high temperature. As a finishing touch the tip was painted with a "warning yellow" as used on the original B-26 Marauders. From its base to tip, this beautiful sculpture-like blade stands just over 77 inches tall. This blade has a hollow steel construction, yet it still weighs 85 pounds! Unbelievably, following the war virtually all WWII fighters and bombers were scrapped and melted down. This is a tragedy as there are currently few if any airworthy B-26 bombers! We visualize this piece as making a wonderful standing sculpture piece. This is a wonderful opportunity to add a truly unique piece of WWII aviation history to your home! Price: Available on request

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