This is a very unique offering-a 22 gram etched end piece from the exceedingly rare Al Mahbas pallasite. Al Mahbas is a pallasite from Morocco of which there is very little available for collectors. The vast majority of Al Mahbas consists of rusted out shale pieces with no fresh metal. To our knowledge there were only a few specimens that were ever found that contained fresh metal, and these were immediately gobbled up by high end collectors! These Al Mahbas were extremely FRESH in appearance, covered with dark fusion crust and miniture thumb-prints. This is an end-piece from one such piece that weighed ~27 grams (The other 4.8g half is also available too!). We aquired it a several years ago and we are now making this Unique specimen available to collectors. To our knowledge it is one of the only Al Mahbas pallasites that has ever been etched! This stunning gem has tiny remaglypts, fresh crust and has gorgeous olivine crystals visible protruding from all over the dark the crust! This specimen even has a flight oriented tail! When the rusted out shale pieces of Al Mahbas were still available, they were selling for $40-$45 per gram. This beautiful little specimen isn't a rusted out piece of shale and in our opinion it is easily worth 3 to 4 times as much per gram! !!! We are offering this spectacular end-piece for the discerning collector.

Price: ONLY $2295.00!

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